Looking for nearby meditation groups? Interested in starting a group meditation? You’ve reached the right place!

Our mission is to help make meditation more accessible to the mainstream. It’s easy to find location meditation groups, centers, retreats, programs and classes. Our goal is for everyone to be able to discover and experience the benefits of meditation.

Our Mission

Our mission is geared towards global connectivity of human awareness, compassion, truth and the rising of the collective consciousness. Our purpose is to support the rapidly growing demand for meditation resources worldwide. By providing tools for meditation practitioners and local meditation centers to offer their services to a wider array of individuals on the path of spiritual growth and enlightenment, we represent a milestone in the integration of meditation practice into Western mainstream.

Why Join A Group Meditation?

Participating in group meditations is an incredible way to meet like-minded individuals, be in the presence of those with presence, gain compassion for yourself and others, and connect closer to your center.

Every day, millions of online searchers are seeking resources on meditation and how it can benefit their lives. From those interested in taking a beginners meditation class, seasoned practitioners looking for extended meditation retreats, or individuals looking for local group meditations, they are searching online – but unfortunately not always finding the information they need. If you teach meditation, lead a meditation class or center, host meditation retreats, or organize groups in your community, you may be missing potential customers. Our goal is to minimize this pain point.

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