There are many meditation centers open to the public.Meditation Centers generally offer a wide variety of meditation services suitable for all levels and backgrounds.  They offer services for beginners to advanced practitioners. Some centers may focus on a particular philosophy or method and most are all welcoming to newcomers. There are also both non-spiritual and... Read more

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a meditation room at the San Jose airport (Terminal B across from Gate 18).  It had a glass door with the inviting words "Meditation Room". I peaked inside to scope it out. It was a nice quite carpeted space with comfy upright chairs. There wasn't anyone in the room but it looked very simple and pleasant.   I made a mental... Read more

Today, I did something unusual, I went into a very upscale handbag shop. Actually, it was a spontaneous decision but heavily influenced by a conversation I had with a friend of mine the other day about a bag she saw for $3,000. I refused to believe that anyone would buy such a bag when there are people suffering all around the world that could use that money. So, I decided to see for myself what a bag like that looks... Read more

Although Meditation is a very private process (no one else can access our own minds), it is a process that can be influenced by external forces. So often, we let these factors directly impact the quality of our meditation practice. Some of these factors can be helpful, like taking meditation classes, attending meditation retreats, and participating in meditation groups, while others create mental distractions and are more difficult to let go of. The point here is that even though we may believe that these factors are real, we have complete control over how we ultimately label them as good or... Read more

Meditation Types by Audio Meditation – Audio meditation is meditation that uses an audio device such as CD player or mp3 player to help the person calm thoughts and reach a sustained mental state of peace and tranquility. Beginners Meditation – Beginners meditation is simple meditative practices on the breath or the body to achieve a calmer state. Buddhist Meditation – Buddhist meditation takes the basic principles of meditation and includes methods (such as rituals, images, mantras, breathing) that are particular to the practice of Buddhism. Cha'n Meditation – In Cha'n meditation,... Read more

If you had eight days off to go anywhere in the world, where would you go? For me, the choice was simple, literally. I chose to be in silence for eight hours a day at a beautiful Vipassana meditation retreat center in Northern California. Call me crazy but, yes, this was my idea of fun and relaxation. It was a silent retreat. Nobody said a word to each other even during meals. Eye contact was kept to a minimum. The schedule began at 5:30 a.m. with the sound of a gong and ended with the sound of a gong at 9 p.m. There were alternating sitting and walking meditation sessions, qigong, yoga, hiking and meals throughout the day. I came back home with a clear mind, rejuvenated and completely... Read more

Meditation classes are becoming increasingly popular within the U.S. One reason is the rise of meditation teachers around the nation. Even though meditation is generally a personal process, Meditation teachers offer many benefits for helping to develop one’s meditation practice. With an open mind, a meditation student can learn much... Read more is America’s first meditation directory and largest of its kind aimed at supporting the rapidly growing demand for meditation resources in the U.S. By making it easier for practitioners to find local meditation centers, services, and supplies, it represents a milestone in the integration of meditation practice into Western mainstream. Millions are Searching for Meditation... Read more

For many of us, going to a meditation retreat center is a time to deepen our meditation practice, away from the distractions and responsibilities of daily life. It can also help us to get back into a regular meditation practice if our daily sitting practice is a bit sporadic! There are so many meditation retreat centers to choose from. Let’s start with looking at some of the different things that different centers offer. Austerity Centers differ greatly in their level of ‘austerity’. Some centers offer a luxurious holiday style meditation 'vacation' while others have a tougher program, perhaps requiring getting up at 3am with no food after midday (abstaining from food in the... Read more

If you have ever attempted to sit in meditation, you know how challenging it can be. The mind rushes from one thought to the next, taking you from past to future events and back, in a relentless chatter; the body goes from one discomfort to another, and even the slightest external noise grabs your attention. Before you know it, you are so distracted by your thought processes that meditation seems not only impossible but also a futile endeavor. Most people give up meditation because they are unable to quiet their mind; or maybe I should say because their mind convinces them that it is more powerful than they are and so it feels like a lost battle from the start. They think that meditation... Read more

Meditation retreats are becoming increasingly popular in the West. Five years ago, I made the spontaneous decision to go on my first extended Vipassana meditation retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Wood Acre, California. Prior to that, I had very little experience sitting for long periods of time. At most, I would sit once or twice a day for ten to thirty minutes at a time either at home, at my local meditation center, or with a meditation group. Little did I know how unprepared my poor body was for the amount of sitting that I would be doing. On the first day, they gave us a retreat schedule. It started at 6:30 am with an early morning meditation session and then alternating... Read more

I have been parenting for 13 years and meditating intently for only two, but already the similarities are evident. Without a doubt, having a regular meditation practice has made me a calmer, more consistent parent. And the challenges of parenting make me aware of how much I need meditation! Whether you have a regular meditation... Read more

After weeks of 80s and 90s, today dropped down into the 70s - ahhhhh. In late summer, we spend our days between a blast furnace outside or inside frigid offices and stores. Then, mother nature offers us a respite. One day we throw open the windows open and feel a cool breeze. As I enjoyed this day, I am reminded how I feel following a session of meditation. Depending upon the day, when I arrive upon the cushion, I may initially find myself carrying in all the clutter and chaos of the preceding hours. Mind may jump from reactions to what has already unfolded to a waiting To Do list; regret over something said or not said to fear of consequences of something done or not done;... Read more

Vipassana Meditation has taken off! It’s so popular at the moment which is really wonderful! If meditation can bring about a more peaceful world (I believe it can) then surely we're in with a chance! The word Vipassana means seeing things as they really and is also known as Insight Meditation. It’s a process whereby the root causes of suffering - craving, aversion and ignorance can be eliminated through their first being revealed clearly to us. This knowledge and understanding leads to their cessation - ie. an absence of suffering and finally, enlightenment. Vipassana Meditation is a process of self-observation and when learning the technique, participants start with observing... Read more