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MEDITATION CENTERS AT san jose AIRPORTSI couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a meditation room at the San Jose airport (Terminal B across from Gate 18).  It had a glass door with the inviting words “Meditation Room”. I peaked inside to scope it out. It was a nice quite carpeted space with comfy upright chairs. There wasn’t anyone in the room but it looked very simple and pleasant.   I made a mental note to check it out the next time I was there.  It’s a really great idea. Airports can be very stressful. With everyone in a rush, the air is thick with tension and anxiety.  You can even see it in people’s facial expressions- rolling eyes, shallow breathing, intense faces. Maybe they should call them “Compassion Rooms”.

By Cheryl Schneider

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One thought on “Meditation Room at Airports!

  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I fly from time to time and currently, in 2016 it’s not so unusual to find a meditation room on an airport. Right now, it’s hard to find it empty! That is a good sign 🙂

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