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sitemgr_photo_7There are many meditation centers open to the public.Meditation Centers generally offer a wide variety of meditation services suitable for all levels and backgrounds.  They offer services for beginners to advanced practitioners. Some centers may focus on a particular philosophy or method and most are all welcoming to newcomers. There are also both non-spiritual and spiritual-based types of meditation centers.  Some offer services freely, on a dana (donation) basis, or for a small fee to cover operating costs.

At a meditation center, you will learn from experienced meditators and be able to meet other like-minded individuals. The services offered may vary depending on their core focus. Some may offer weekly instructor-led meditation classes or sitting groups. They may offer specialized programs, workshops, and events which you can find on our Events page. They may also offer day-long, weekend, or extendedmeditation retreats categorized under Meditation Retreats.  If you are curious about meditation, the best place to start is at a center near you.  You may even be open to trying different philosophies or methods. These are searchable by Meditation Subcategories. Meditation is a process of self-discovery and patience with oneself. Find a practice that works best for you.

Help us spread the word. If you know of a center not yet listed in our meditation directory please refer them to us. Our goal is to make it easy for people to connect with meditation centers around the world.

By Cheryl Schneider

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