$3000 Handbag vs Dana?

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sitemgr_photo_98Today, I did something unusual, I went into a very upscale handbag shop. Actually, it was a spontaneous decision but heavily influenced by a conversation I had with a friend of mine the other day about a bag she saw for $3,000. I refused to believe that anyone would buy such a bag when there are people suffering all around the world that could use that money. So, I decided to see for myself what a bag like that looks like. And there it was, in a glass case, gold clasps, leather with double stitching, brand name written all over it. I had a strange reaction to it. It was a mixture of repulsion and saddness. $3,000 Handbag vs. Dana? When faced with choices like these, may we find it in our hearts to make the right choices.

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