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    Our mission is to help make meditation more accessible to the mainstream. It's easy to find local meditation centers, retreats, classes, programs, and groups. Our goal is for everyone to be able to discover and experience the benefits of meditation.

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    Staying Connected

    Find a place to practice near your home or wherever your travels may take you. MeditationFinder.com keeps you connected to meditation centers around the U.S.

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    Meditation and Work

    Many corporations are encouraging meditation practice for employees as a way to increase concentration and reduce stress. Find a local meditation center near your office. Meditate on your lunch break or after work.

  • Meditation Retreats

    Try a weekend or extended meditation retreat to clear your mind, relax, and rejuvenate. Search our large directory of meditation retreat centers. Find one anywhere in the nation. Click on "Meditation Retreat Centers" on the side menu.

  • Join a Meditation Group or Class

    If you are new to meditating or you prefer to practice with others, try joining a local meditation group or class in your area. Find a class that fits your schedule. Search "Events" to find classes by location.





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